Banking and finance-related legal issues and disputes can affect anyone, anytime. Individuals may face compromised bank accounts if their banking institutions fail to follow security protocols and govt. regulations. Small scale businesses may encounter into securities issues when accepting or sending investment funds. And, large corporations and banks possess a host of rules and regulations that they must follow in order to conduct business. Hence it is a need of utmost priority to approach and get assisted by Best Banking and Finance Lawyer.

Rather than consulting any lawyer with the general experience, a good banking and finance lawyer can help you get effective results without any hassle. As a Finance lawyer for so many years, assisting clients with banking and financial matters that range from tapping debt markets to assist corporations with restructuring businesses.

The banking and financial industries are heavily regulated by both state and central law. These laws impose reporting requirements for banks and other financial institutions, regulate taxes, govern securities, and other transactions.

Anand Duggal is one of the Best Finance Lawyer providing high-class financial assistance to individuals and corporations for the past several years building an untouchable track record.

Providing Multi-Jurisdictional banking and finance-related assistance with a highly result-oriented approach. Working as Best Finance Lawyer to provide experienced and skilled finance solutions.


Providing services including all sorts of Financial, Accounting, and Auditing services like Income tax, Customs, Excise Duty matters, Import-Export, Service Tax, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax, G.S.T., etc.

Banking Lawyer and financial services with highly experienced and qualified Charted Accountants and other Financial Analysts to provide all the services related to financial, taxation, accounts & auditing cases.


  • Advisory on all matters related to Income Tax Law.
  • Tax planning. Assisting clients in setting up companies in India & abroad from Income Tax perspective.
  • Providing advice to companies on the most competent business strategy on entering India from a taxation perspective and company structure.
  • Keeping our valued clients well-informed about the recent court proceedings and legislative changes in prevailing Tax laws.
  • Advising on taxation of companies.
  • Advising on International Tax matters.
  • Advisory on exemption matters to NGOs, NPO`s and other Trusts.
  • Advising companies in matters of capital, revenue, expenditure, search cases, etc.
  • Litigation in all cases of Income Tax law before Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, and ITAT, Delhi.


Posing as one of the Best Finance lawyers with diverse and rich experience and have been nationally and internationally recognized and honored for outstanding performance in various fields of banking and finance law.

Believing we are in a position to offer quick and efficient legal services and consultancy to our clients.

Providing a creative and positive approach towards resolutions to problems as they surface. Time is an important factor in the majority of cases, our team has been frequently appreciated for the quick turn around on difficult matters and for assisting at the convenience of clients, especially in the case of overseas clients, bearing in mind the time differences between two countries.

In order to fulfill our commitment to provide financial law services of the highest standard we have developed a methodology, which requires to
  • Identify exactly what our patrons want.
  • In-depth research &analysis of the case
  • Manage our projects to meet and exceed our patrons’ expectations.
  • Ensure timely completion of the case.
  • Ensure that our work is legally and ethically correct.
  • Use the latest advanced communication options to keep the client updated about the progress of the case.
  • Our legal team remains available and performs all segments of any case right from the beginning to its successful accomplishment.

Assisting as an expert finance lawyer and Banking Lawyer dealing with any complex issue relating to legal as well as business consultancy including NRIs, Companies, or any other category of businesses on a turnkey basis. The services rendered as Best Finance Lawyer and Banking Lawyer include working with negotiation as well as including coordination with government departments and statutory institutions including RBI, FIPB India, and Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Be a part of the future Elite Indian Legal Community that we’re building.