Cyber Crime Lawyer : “ An Essential Branch of Private Law”

Cyber law covers under Information Technology Act, 2000 in India, which is adopted from UNICTRAL (United Nations Commission of International Trade Law) model of electronics commerce in 1996.

Information Technology Act`2000 generally protects from the crime related to the computers & Internet. It oversees computer, computer network, computer device, computer source, computer system software, hardware, E-commerce and circulation of digital information.

Cyber Laws/ IT Act deals with cyber crime protecting the information’s, the Internet, cyberspace, data storage and their respective legal issues.

The Information Technology Act provides legal recognition for transactions of electronic data interchange, electronic communication, storage of information, electronic filing of documents.

In modern time, the internet is treated as a medium of research and information distribution mechanism.

With the advancement of the technology, the crime related to information technology has been risen up which should deal with experienced Cyber Lawyer.

Information Technology Act, 2000: Important Provisions :

Section 43 : Penalty and compensation for damage to computer, Computer system etc.

Section 65 : Tampering with computer Source documents.

Section 65B : Tampering with computer Source documents.

Section 66 : Computer related offences.

Section 67 : Punishment for Publishing or transmitting obscene information in an electronic form.

Section 74 : Publication for the frequential purpose.

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