Professional Standard & Accountancy for Lawyer

"How to present yourself in the court as a lawyer?"

(Course especially designed for first-generation lawyers)


Course Duration: 4 Weeks
Fees : Rs. 15,000 Rs. 10,000
Inspired by the book " The Seven Lamp of Advocacy by Parry, Edward Abbott, Sir, 1863-1943" based on honesty, courage, industry, wit, eloquence, judgment and fellowship.


"AB Institute of Law & Management (AILM)" aim is to groom & polish, the provisional - practical knowledge, further to develop the skill set of the learners by rendering quality education.

Many interns, lawyers (especially beginners) have shown their interest & desire to understand, "How to represent themselves before the court of law?". Generally, professionals face difficulties while representing before the court due to complicated court procedure & lack of confidence consisting of professional ethics, code of conduct, submissions before the court (District & Sessions court, High court and Supreme court) etc. Author has crafted the course with the primarily motive to resolve the difficulties consisting of official language of the court and the provisional- procedural requirement with the extra features to; enrich and develop the personality grooming, presentation skills, confidence building, improves communication skills, gaining self-confidence, strategies and frameworks for personal growth and self- improvement.


Author, Anand Duggal, Advocate who believes in the philosophy of the above personalities and has tried to cover the academic as well as practical problem which the new generation lawyer faces, make aware about the ethics of professionalism within the code of conduct, make stronger in profession and remove the intricated difficulty, and to make stalwart efforts towards their services, plodding move into the profession thereto.

Author's motive to design this course is to encourage the upcoming and new generation lawyers especially the first-generation lawyers.


"Advocacy is the act of pleading for or arguing in favour of something or actively supporting a cause or proposal. It can also refer to the work or profession of an advocate. For lawyers, advocacy means representing the interests of the client in the best manner possible. Advocacy is considered an art in which lawyers are trained".

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Accountancy involves recording, classifying and reporting.

Professional ethics is essential for every lawyer, pleader, advocate or attorney. It is important for every lawyer to render services within the code of conduct, follow up the professional ethics and deliver the due diligent services. When the client is indulged in litigation or claim for his legal remedies, client has option to take defense through a lawyer or represent his case by himself. If the client chooses a lawyer, it is the duty of the lawyer to work and deliver his ethical professional services to his client within the parameter of professional ethics which is also a constitutional obligation of the lawyer.

Now many questions come in regard to code of conduct, professional ethics and due diligence of the lawyer thereto. Some of those are:

  1. Due diligence involved in rendering the professional services?
  2. Is lawyer bound within some limit?
  3. Do's and Don'ts by lawyer while rendering his professional services.
  4. Code of conduct of lawyer need to follow?
  5. Professional ethics lawyer needs to follow?
  6. Standard of profession lawyer need to follow?
  7. Ethical practice involved while rendering the services?
  8. The role of the lawyer for his client?
  9. The role of lawyer for society?
  10. How the lawyer should represent his case before the court?
  11. Skill Development.

Therefore, to answer these aforesaid questions, this special course has been designed.


  • Online certification courses;
  • Written course modules;
  • MCQ Test after each module;
  • Lectures;
  • Assignments;
  • Convenient class timings;
  • Live doubt clearing session after completion of modules;
  • Test assessments;
  • Ready Reckoner.


  • To provide Legal education (LL.B. subjects);
  • To render the practical quality education;
  • Coursed designed for the first-generation lawyer;
  • To provide competency in provisional- practical area;
  • To use the skill performance in professional life.


  • 50% criteria to pass and to get the certification
  • 90% to get the Gold sheet trophy

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