Area of Specialization As Property Dispute Lawyer :

Specialization with RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL property matters related to registration & disputes. Anand Duggal Advocate known as best property dispute lawyer in Delhi.

Property Dispute Law :

Transfer of Property Act,1882 is the essential branch of the property law.

The disputes related to title of property covers under said act.

Disputes related to property cases also covers under other relevant acts such as Successor Act etc.

Property Registration & Property disputes such as :

  • Unauthorized Occupant,
  • Property Title disputes,
  • NRI Property disputes (Will/Succession Certificate, Letter of Administration /Probate),
  • Property Ownership Disputes,
  • Property mortgage Disputes,
  • Family Property Disputes,
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes
  • Harassment by property builders/ developers,
  • Partition and Declaration Disputes,
  • Other Property Disputes,
  • Property Stay Order,
  • Illegal Ownership,
  • Suit for Injunctions,
  • Property disputes Delhi Rent Control Act,
  • Right of the Daughter-in-law in Matrimonial Property,
  • Right of senior Citizen in property disputes,
  • Will Registration and probate cases,
  • NRI Property disputes,
  • MCD Property disputes,
  • DDA Property Disputes,
  • CGHS Registration & Disputes,
  • Registration of Sales Deed & Gift Deed,
  • Registration of Relinquishment Deed,
  • Registration of Release Deed,
  • Land Registration,
  • Will registry & help in how to register a will.

Inspection Of Property/ Documets :

  • Property acquisitions,
  • Inspection of title documents,
  • Physical verification of the property.

Property Dispute Matters : NRI

  • Complexity skills for NRI Clients in NRI property matters.
  • International exposure i.e. Educational as well as Professional.
  • NRI Sale of property transactions, NRI investment, NRI city, NRI complex.
  • Drafting and Registration of Special Power of Attorney in NRI property matters.
  • Family disputes like successor certificate, Letter of Administration or Probate, Partition, Family Settlement Deed         etc.
  • Landlord & Tenant Dispute etc.
  • NRIs` services: countries like United Kingdom (U.K.), United State of America (USA), Canada, EUROPE, Australia          (AUS), New Zealand (NZ), Singapore, South Africa, UAE and Russia.


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